The History Behind Snet IT


ur Company grown rapidly since its inception and we are committed to excellence and the continuous improvement of IT and IT support services we offer to our customers. With an annual customer retention rate of 98% or more, our goal is to satisfy you and operate smoothly.

We provide and support Cloud services as the new alternative and the solution to IT needs. We are a team of highly devoted, enthusiastic people who appreciate the provision of quality and unique IT solutions and services to each customer. The culture of our company ensures that the quality of our service is absolute.

Our Information Technology specialists help build and implement IT solutions for a range of business functions and are fundamental to the success of IT, BI and Security.


Services offered by SNET IT SERVICES are always in line with the GDPR legislation and in accordance with EU Commercial Law.
All services put full access in the Cloud in the easiest and most secure way with
100% mobilty access, without exposing any of your Private Data.

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End-to-End Encryption

Hide your data from prying eyes while it’s in transit, in the cloud, or on your local desktop using password-protected AES-256 encryption.

Secure Data Centers

Put your off-site backup in the secure Acronis Cloud. Our data centers meet the highest industry standards to ensure security and availability.

Blockchain Certification

Create a unique, blockchain-based “fingerprint” so you can confirm a file is authentic and unchanged. Only available with a Premium Subscription.