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Common questions when considering G Suite

With G Suite, you’ll receive a number of additional business-grade services not included with Google’s free consumer apps.
These services include:

  • custom business email @yourcompany
  • twice the amount of cloud storage across Gmail and Drive
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime on business email
  • additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO
  • interoperability with Microsoft Outlook
  • administrative controls for user accounts

The additional advantage with Snet IT is the ease of managing everything you own like your domains, SSL, hosting, backup on a single panel.

Yes it is compatible. Depending on the client, you can use either the IMAP or POP mail protocol. You can use Google migration tool if you are switching from Microsoft Exchange or some other Outlook service.
G Suite’s Gmail features include:

  • custom business email @yourcompany
  • unlimited group email addresses
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime
  • twice the storage of free Gmai
  • zero ads
  • 24/7 phone and email support
  • G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlool and more

Yes. You can be transfer your existing G Suite account to Snet IT.

Yes. A user can have multiple email addresses by creating email aliases such as support@yourcompany. You can add up to 30 email aliases for each user.

G Suite has been built from the ground up to mitigate the unique threats for cloud systems. Google’s standards for performance and reliability apply to businesses, schools and government institutions around the world.

The technology, scale, and agility of our infrastructure bring unique security benefits to our customers. Our vast network of data centers are built with custom-designed servers, that run our own operating system for security and performance. Because Google controls its entire hardware stack, we are able to quickly respond to threats that may emerge.

Google employs dedicated security professionals to work on protecting your data, including some of the world’s foremost experts in computer security. Just like all teams at Google, this team is constantly innovating and making the future more secure, not just for Google’s billion users, but for business organizations as well.

Google has an outstanding track record of protecting user data. We protect this data from outside intrusions as well as insider threats. In addition, we tightly restrict and monitor any internal access to user data. The small set of employees with access is subject to rigorous authentication measures, detailed logging, and activity scanning to detect inappropriate access via log analysis.

It is this unique combination of people, technology and agility that ensure your data is secure at Google

Yes.  Google has a broad customer base in Europe. Google provides capabilities and contractual commitments for our customers designed specifically to help address EU data protection requirements and the guidance provided by the Article 29 Working Party.
G Suite offers EU Model Contract Clauses and a Data Processing Amendment.
Additionally, G Suite has been assessed as appropriate for use with the UK government’s Cloud Security Principles “OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL- SENSITIVE).”

G Suite include:

  • Gmail
  • Calendar
  • Google+
  • Hangouts Chat
  • Hangouts Meet
  • Hangouts Meet hardware
  • Docs
  • Forms
  • Sheets
  • App Maker
  • Keep
  • Jamboard
  • Hangouts Meet
  • Drive
  • Cloud Search
  • Admin
  • Vault
  • Mobile


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