SSL/TLS strategy should be able to:

Improved threat detection and attack remediation capabilities can improve overall operational efficiency across your entire application security infrastructure by simply following the your SSL/TLS strategy, which should be able to…

  • Defend against encrypted threats by scaling SSL across multiple security devices blind to encrypted traffic
  • Prevent data loss and ensure compliance by gaining visibility into all data connection points (inbound and outbound traffic)
  • Have a single point of control across multiple security tools for greater efficiencies
  • Prevent attacks by reducing risks of selective blind spots
  • Reduce latency with high-performance decryption and encryption of inbound and outbound SSL/TLS traffic
  • Leverage policy-based service chaining to drive greater efficiencies within your security stack
  • Load balance between devices to minimise bottlenecks
  • Reduce the administrative burden with centralised key management, saving considerable time and money by offloading SSL instead of terminating on the device itself.