Seamless and secure applications

Nowadays we often hear our customers talking about the complexity of providing seamless and secure user access to their applications, from cloud SaaS applications to legacy on-premises applications. Based on this feedback, Azure worked to securely connect any app, on any cloud or server—through a variety of methods. And today, we are thrilled to announce their deep integration with F5 Networks that simplifies secure access to your legacy applications, by using header-based and Kerberos authentication protocols.

By centralizing access to all your applications, you can leverage all the benefits that Azure AD offers. Through the F5 and Azure AD integration, you can now protect your legacy-auth based applications by applying Azure AD Conditional Access policies to leverage Azure Identity Protection engine, to detect user risk and sign-in risk, as well as manage and monitor access through Azure identity governance capabilities. Your users can also gain single sign-on (SSO) and use passwordless authentication to these legacy-auth based applications.

To help you get started, Azure made it easier to publish these legacy-auth based applications by making the F5-BIG IP Application Policy Manager available in the Azure AD app gallery.

Get more secure, with less effort!!!