Cybercriminals target Small Medium Businesses

Cybercriminals target SMBs today because of their ever-growing dependency on data and because SMBs typically rely on weaker cybersecurity solutions. This reality simply encourages crooks to evolve their tactics and attack.

Why do you need to choose a cloud backup solution?

  • 24 percent of organizations chose cost savings as the primary reason to use cloud backup
  • 59 percent of organizations want to eliminate a single point of failure
  • 75 percent of organizations experience tape failure each year
  • 64 percent of organizations want protection from natural disasters
  • 62 percent of organizations want to store data in a highly secure environment


Why you need Acronis Cyber Backup

The new generation of data protection is cyber protection.

To fight modern threats, the new generation of data protection should converge with cyber security. At Acronis, we call this convergence cyber protection, but it goes beyond cyber security. Cyber protection addresses not one, but five fundamental pillars:

  • Safety: Ensuring that a reliable copy of a business’ data is always available
  • Accessibility: Making it easy for a business’ data to be available from anywhere, at any time
  • Privacy: Controlling visibility and access to company data
  • Authenticity: Providing an easy way to prove that a copy is an exact replica of the original
  • Security: Protecting data against threats and malicious agents
Acronis Cyber Cloud