Version 8.0 is available soon. This major release offers numerous new capabilities for service providers (SPs) and their customers with:

  • Substantial improvements in base cyber protection components – safety and accessibility – by adding new advanced features in Acronis Backup Cloud and Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • Easier delivery of the new advanced functionality – now with three editions of the backup and disaster recovery service
  • Significant improvements to efficiency – via group management operations in Acronis Backup Cloud
  • Noteworthy enhancements to security – securing the entire platform with two-factor authentication for the web console login
  • Over 40 major features added to Acronis Cyber Cloud

The NEW Acronis Cyber Cloud 8.0 introduces:

  • New edition-based feature management and licensing
  • New features and enhancements in:
  • Acronis Cyber Cloud (management portal)
  • Acronis Backup Cloud
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud
  • Acronis Notary Cloud

“Standard”, “Advanced” and “Disaster Recovery” editions of Acronis Backup Cloud

Standard edition

Includes all features in Acronis Backup Cloud 7.9 and multiple new features added in 8.0.

Advanced edition

Includes all features in the Standard edition, plus a number of “advanced” features. These additional features include those related to scalable management of larger infrastructures, support for additional workloads, and special backup operations.

Disaster Recovery edition

Includes all features in the Advanced edition, plus all features in Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud.

Acronis Cloud Backup 12.5

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