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  • Are you a VM provider and Zombie VMs are Costing You BIG?

    A zombie VM is a virtual machine that's been created and later forgotten after it's served its purpose. As a result, Zombie VMs continue to...


    Get proactive approach to manage your IT Services, including active monitoring services for all your systems and platforms.
    Get alerted 24/7 if any anomalies get detected.

  • Flaws in Popular Self-Encrypting SSDs Let Attackers Decrypt Data

    Security researchers have discovered multiple critical vulnerabilities in some of the popular self-encrypting solid state drives (SSD) that could allow an attacker to decrypt disk encryption and recover protected data without knowing the password for the disk

  • Types of cyber security risks

    The greatest threat to the data security of any organisation is often traced to an oblivious employee who has inadvertently brought a company to its knees by allowing confidential and sensitive data to be hacked. There are lot of types pf security risks and attacks. You can learn them here and start protecting your personal and precious data.

  • Popular WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Patches Critical Vulnerability

    eCommerce website built on WordPress and powered by WooCommerce plugin, then beware of a new vulnerability that could compromise your online store. WooCommerce is one the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress that helps websites to upgrade their...