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  • GDPR: Portuguese hospital hit with €400,000 fine for two GDPR violations

    The Barreiro Hospital is appealing one of the first publicly-announced fines issued since the new regulations came into force.
    The Portuguese data watchdog applied a €400,000 fine on a Portuguese hospital in July for two violations of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Vivartia - MIG : Hit by Ransomware and paid 75.000 Euro in Bitcoins

    Vivartia, one of MIG's most important food companies, has recently been hacked, with dozens of systems losing access to their records. Specifically, according to reliable sources, in some cases Delta's factories stopped supplying DELTA products because it was impossible

  • Marriott's Starwood Hotel hacked exposing data of up to 500 million guests

    The Marriott hotel chain has suffered a major data breach to its Starwood Hotel brand guest reservation database which potentially exposed the information of 500 million guests. On 19 November, an investigation undertaken by Marriott discovered that there had been unauthorised access to its database on or before 10 September. Data from email addresses to payment card and passport numbers were potentially accessed